Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Today in the Senate Judiciary hearings on the First Amendment rights of the American press, a Republican vaginahead named Dr. Schoenfeld closed his argument by saying, "The First Amendment is not a suicide pact." A covert shout out to our terrorist friends in the Middle East? Perhaps. But more importantly, a steaming pile of shit. It seems the same folks who thought democracy was synonymous with oil are attempting to pass espionage laws against American journalists. Is this what democracy looks like? Under the guise of Homeland Security, those at the top are attempting to protect our democracy by instating a dictatorship. At least Fidel knows how to party!

In other news, the mo's of America are no longer invited to partake in our Constitutional rights. Because George W. thinks marriage is an institution that solely unites man and woman, gays will have to settle for domestic partnership. I say, round up the homo's and journalists (even better, the homo journalists) and out everybody in the Senate to the press. Kill two birds with one stone! And then find those tapes of Dubbya takin' it up the rear from a tranny with a dildo and we're golden...


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