Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Colonics Anonymous

Let's face it, colonics are as trendy as the O.C. soundtrack. As a convert myself, I can safely say they may be my new favorite passtime. And what could be better? It's like being butt-fucked with a vacuum cleaner. Parlez-vous skinny? A few weeks ago, I was trying to reschedule a meeting with a potential film producer. Turns out we both had colonics that day. Stars aligned, asses up, we knew the partnership had a future. Not only are they great for cleaning out your shit box, but they up your energy, clear your skin, and get rid of water weight. Fuck pilates! You start with once a week for three weeks and then it's good to go once a month. And at 100 bucks a pop, it's cheaper than therapy. I'm sayin: if I'm skinny, ain't much to talk about to the shrink...


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