Sunday, June 11, 2006

not so pretty, not so pink

The ultimate criteria for all boys i date is that they resemble Pretty in Pink's famed arbiter of geek-chic, Duckie. I search far and wide, but no matter how lean-legged and rosy cheeked they may be, there will never be another youthful Cryer. As I look back on le pink de la pretty with adolescent desire, I am fondly reminded of the prettiest and pinkest molly ringwald. Oh how I envied her angst-ridden pout, her reconstructed floral skirts, and those signature fiery locks. In recent days, I have seen little of Molly save for a brief stint in Cabaret. And yet, at tonight's 60th Annual Tony Awards, Ms. Ringwald made an unforgettable appearance which I am trying so desperately to forget. Wha happen, Ma?! Is it drugs, Botox overload? Lazy eye? Did she try the lipstick in the bra trick on qualudes? I miss John Hughes.


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