Wednesday, June 07, 2006

you've got gayle.

As I awaited my favorite 4:00 indulgence with heated anticipation, I mulled over which celebrity scientologist Harpo might entreat. And as the hands of time neared my fate, I settled in to watch. Oh, this was good: uncovering the secrets behind the mysterious disappearance of George Smith on his honeymoon cruise. But wait. Who the fuck? GAYLE?! Doing an interview?! Not only is this bitch ugly, but she's about as much of a people person as Martha Stewart. Even Oprah seemed embarassed When Gayle essentially accused the bride of murder to her face. It's like, who invited her? Sure she's best friends with the richest woman in the world, but does that give the buck toothed broad the right to a voice? When asked about Oprah, Gayle has said, "I never feel like I'm in her shadow, I feel like I'm in her light." Yeah, bitch and I can't see Oprah, so step out of it!


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