Wednesday, June 14, 2006

your gest is good as mine

Wait a minute. David Gest is a pervert? I totally couldn't tell from his shiny face transplant and abuse allegations towards Liza Minelli (a veritable lightpost of sanity). Well now there's proof beyond your barf impulse that the man is seriously creepy. Gest's assistant of a year, Charles Beyer, has filed a harrassment suit against the wackjob producer, alleging he made "sexual gestures from the beginning, forcing me to use his computer in the master bathroom, making comments such as, 'You have a small [sex organ], I bet,' [and] grabbing my butt." A small sex organ? Davey, is that the way you get a man in bed? Perhaps the workings of a deranged mind, and yet his innovation never ceased. Beyer claims Gest also "wrote in my calendar on numerous occasions," leaving directions such as, "Shake my penis, make sure it feels good," wash it "in hot water" and "dip it in chocolate fudge." Now that's what I'm talking about! So does this mean Gest is gay? Really? I would have never guessed after a marraige to Liza Minelli. The world is full of surprises...


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