Monday, June 19, 2006

did i mention i'm jewish?

I've got this one pair of jeans that long ago burned me out of two hundred bucks, but I've worn them nearly every day since. And while you quietly judge me in matters of hygiene, I must say they were one of the best purchases in my young adult life. I am asked almost daily where I got them, and the answer is simple: Daryl K. I went back to Daryl K this winter to reinvest (you can stop judging me now) and was appalled to find out the designer had stopped making the perfectly skinny jeans. Either the salesperson was a community college dropout, or Daryl K. has lost her fucking mind. Regardless, I am itching to find out, and you can too as the rocker design diva holds a blowout sample sale. The duds are going for next to nothing. And by next to nothing I mean fifty to a hundred bucks.
June 21-22, 11am-8pm, 189 Bowery between Delancey and Spring Sts. # 3. Cash only.


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