Thursday, June 15, 2006

ebay: 2598 items found for sienna

In the history of Hollywood, uniformity is a given. Each era produces a recipe for the starlet, after which each young celebrity is fashioned. These days, we can thank celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe for popularizing hipster chic to the braindead masses. Bangles? Ballet flats? Vintage shades? Rachel Zoe. Skinny jeans, striped tanks, cowboy boots: Rachel Zoe. As a self-proclaimed trendsetter, the life of the fashionista has never been so difficult. For what are the non-celebrity-styled to do? Where to turn? All of my clothes have been corrupted by tabloid exposure. Now, any NJ trash bitch can go buy a pair of leggings at Urban Outfitters. However, I think I have found the true culprit, and she is the answer to our cries. SIENNA. If that honey would start wearing ugly dumb shit, so would the rest of the world. Then we could reclaim the fashion that is rightfully ours! So please, Sienna, be a fashionistasandanista. Start the revolution of ugly! Take em back from whence they came: TJ Maxx. And in your private time, you can break out the stretch pants.


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