Wednesday, June 21, 2006

have AA, will travel

For those of you who have witnessed Cat Power concerts of old, you can agree that they were not dissimilar to Chinese water torture. Her voice was ever-angelic, as was her beauty, but her psycho stage antics were undeniably unbearable. During the last concert I attended at Park Slope's South Paw, Chan didn't get through a single song without stopping mid-verse to say "I hate myself/I'm so boring/this sucks", et al. In fact, after an hour of self-loathing diatribes, she told concert-goers they should just leave. But near suicidal no more! According to recent attendees, the newly sober Marshall has turned a new leaf. Capable, confident, and consistent, she even altered the lyrics to "I hate myself and I want to die" to "I don't hate myself and I don't want to die." Baby steps Chan, baby steps.


Blogger koshergolf said...

Oh for a muse of fire-- Oh for a firey muse-- Oh for a bowl of muslix!! Wit is neither my friend nor my companion, but you my jewish vixen are quick with the humorous flail!! I like it and I am on board-- entertain me dammit!!! I'll be reading you!! by the by--I heard you had breakfast downtown with my wife-- and that is not a euphemism. Cheers koshergolf

1:18 PM  
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