Thursday, June 29, 2006

let them eat schnitzel.

In the realm of exceptional edible exploits, I have wont to find a restaurant that has impressed me without fail. The menu intrigues, but the fare disappoints. In my quest as a well-fed New Yorker (not to be interchanged with fat, hefty, or thick), my experience could be easily likened to a hot date gone sour: dude is fine, but when the dick is small you draw the line. Enter Wallse. Nestled on a quaint West Village corner, this Austrian eatery boasts not only exquisite food but a dining experience entirely void of pretense. And while your goulash cravings will be heartily satiated, anor's need not fear; the steamed halibut is to die for. And you won't have to puke it up afterwards! For the fat at heart, the Salzburger Nockerl with huckleberries (a souffle of sorts) is worth the extra hour on the treadmill.
Wallse: 344 W 11th St, at Washington St. Phone: 212-352-2300


Blogger NEWSgrist said...

if you're lucky you'll catch Lou Reed lurking at the bar...

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